CRC Coloured Zinc’s unique formulation combines superior rust inhibiting properties of zinc with a tough but flexible enamel coating and a coloured satin finish in recognised safety colours.High levels of anti-corrosive zinc complexes are embedded in a resin system which forms a quick-drying highly-protective enamel coating with excellent adhesion to bare metal.CRC Coloured Zinc provides a satin top-coat finish but unlike standard paint systems, resists undercutting and blistering from corrosion by forming an effective corrosion barrier.For ultimate protection, prime the metal surface with CRC Zinc It prior to applying CRC Coloured Zinc. To achieve a high film build, use CRC Prep It as an intermediate coat if required.

Zinc enriched for corrosion protection. High levels of anti-corrosive zinc complexes in the dried film, embedded in a protective enamel coating. Satin finish. Available in seven colours. Safety. Colours conform to British Safety Colour standards. Excellent adhesive qualities. Forms a tough coat for long-term protection. Heat Resistance. Up to 120°C. Corrosion protection. Corrosion Protection Factor 36 (up to 3 years before recoating is necessary, depending on conditions). Fast drying. Touch dry in 20 minutes, recoat within 30 minutes, full cure in 24 hours. Easy re-application over existing film and/or clean surfaces. For ongoing protection. Single coat. No overcoating required. For additional protection, prime metal surface with CRC Zinc It or CRC Prep It prior to applying CRC Coloured Zinc. Ready to Use Aerosol. No additional mixing or chemical additives required. Easy application. No clean up. Does not contain CFCs, methylene chloride. MPI Approved C23.