CRC Engine Start helps rapid initial start up for all slow-to-start diesel and petrol engines (both two-stroke and four-stroke). When sprayed into the air cleaner, the special formulation of CRC Engine Start significantly lowers the energy required for immediate combustion.CRC Engine Start assists low batteries, weak ignition and improves starts in cold or humid conditions.

Easy and convenient to use. Useful for cold or humid conditions. Protects vital engine parts. guards against expensive maintenance and engine breakdowns. Saves starter motor wear & prevents battery drain. Lubricates upper cylinders. Anti-knock and anti-corrosion additives. Diesel, petrol (both two-stroke and four-stroke), kerosene and hobby engines. Use on cars, trucks, tractors, motor bikes, heavy equipment, boats. inboard and outboard marine engines, chainsaws, compressors, stationary engines and lawnmowers.