Gorilla Pro Gaps All In One uses the latest MS technology to create a triple-action product that replaces 3 products! It is the perfect high-grab, solvent-free construction adhesive; waterproof, mould resistant sealant; and no-shrink, highly flexible gap filler.

Ideal for joints in the building industry or around the home between metal, concrete, marble, granite, timber, limestone, cork, polystyrene, mirrors, tiles, brick, and stone.

  • Fast curing, quick build-up of end strength, high sheer strength after full cure
  • MS technology, does not contain isocyanates, silicones nor solvents
  • Paintable with all water-based paints
  • Good colour stability, weather resistance
  • Good adhesion on nearly all surfaces, even moist surfaces
  • Remains elastic after curing
  • No odour