• 39.9m lit length
  • Low voltage
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Connectable with up to 6 light sets
Bring a luminescent warm white glow to both indoor and outdoor spaces with this set of 400 connectable fairy lights from Lytworx. Connect together up to 6 sets of Lytworx light sets end-to-end on a single transformer with our Lytworx Light Lynx technology. Extend and combine fairy lights, net lights, and icicle lights together in any desired combination.

Lytworx connectable fairy lights feature an intelligently-designed low-voltage power source, making them the ideal energy and cost-efficient addition to backyards, balconies, gutters, gardens, offices, cafes, outdoor dining areas, living rooms and more.

This decoration is multifunctional and allows you to choose between 8 different lighting functions. The decorative possibilities are endless.

Each set features a generously-sized lit length of 39.9m and come with 400 LEDs that remain cool-to-touch making them safe for everyday display and use. These lights can be used year-round or to celebrate special occasions. The Lytworx Warm White LED Fairy Light Set emphasises quality, function, and style, letting you fulfill all your decorative needs and requirements.