Ronix M2 Drill Bit 5.5mm is made of high-speed steel (HSS), it has a long-lasting life span, it’s tough and offers the operator the satisfaction of working with a high-hardness tool.  As a result of operating this bit on your hammer drill, you will have smooth and clean holes on all kinds of metals, hard or soft metal and moreover; good to know that it has longer life compared to similar, same level products.
These heat-resistance HSS bits are mostly used for drilling low-hardness woods, soft metals like aluminum, typically, for minor house repairs and maintenance, with great cutting speed. Ronix M2 Drill Bit 5.5mm is fully accurate and it performs very well because of its accurate ground point, helical flutes that assist bits in readily removing swarf from holes, body, clearance, and drill diameter, and finally, 118-degree point arrangement, it is suitable for general purpose drilling.