Ronix RH-2052 Hex and Torx Key set contains 18 pcs in different sizes. They are all made of CR-V. Hex wrenches that are also known as Allen wrenches are used for tightening and loosening all the screws with a hexagonal socket and Torx wrenches that we can call star wrenches are ideal for tightening all the star-shaped screws. Ronix RH-2052 Hex and Torx Key set is a complete set of long arm keys in different applicable sizes, which make them perfect for a wide range of applications. Besides, Ronix RH-2052 is made of chrome-vanadium steel for rugged strength and durability. Hex and Torx wrenches are one of the simplest wrenches to use; their long-arm design offers extended reach on one end and extra leverage on the other.