Equipping yourself with a spirit level seems to be a smart and clever idea to get accurate calculations in various fields of DIY. Like all other equipment, you will find a lot of choices on the market! You will quickly get lost amid all these features and functionalities. To help you, here is a buying guide that presents the best model on the market. So, without further ado, here is the best spirit level available on the global tool market. Ronix RH-9402 which is a German-made product is therefore very robust, ergonomic, and perfectly suited for heavy use. Being equipped with a large horizontal, vertical, and 45˚s vial, it offers better visibility. It provides professional quality results thanks to its ability to read with an accuracy of 1 mm. So, there is no risk of error. Its length of 600 mm simplifies its handling and facilitates the work. Moreover, it is made of aluminum alloy and its functional design offers users maximum comfort during its use. As for the protection, it is done very quickly. This hand tool is equipped with plastic end caps that protect the profile from impact. It is equipped with a double-sided milling cutter that allows for precise work.