Ask any DIYer, handyman, or carpenter about the tools that take up the most space in their toolbox. Without a doubt, “screwdrivers” will be on top of the list! To tighten or loosen any type of fastener, you have to prepare a variety of screwdrivers to assist you when duty calls! To save time and space, a kit like Ronix RH-2906 Hammering CR-V Screwdriver Set could come in handy.

Phillips and slotted screwdrivers in different sizes with CR-V steel rods, magnetic black-oxide tips, ergonomic crystal-designed handles, and a lot more are what you can find in this 7 Pcs package.

All the screwdrivers in this set come with magnetic heads for improved accuracy and a secured grip. Their tips are hardened and highly resistant to ensure the durability & strength of the tool. professional handle design balances speed and torque in different types of fastenings.

The screwdrivers in the RH-2906 set are all of the hammering or impact types so that when it comes to dealing with stuck bolts and screws, you won’t need to apply a lot of pressure and torque. Just strike the endcap with a hammer and it will break whatever the tension is that holds the screw!