Because of their versatile use, Air nailers and staplers have become one of the most widely used tools in construction sites and workshops. From connecting two pieces of a wooden table to building a small shed in the backyard, these tools can be quite useful in hands of a professional carpenter or a DIYer. When the use of a hammer is impossible or risks damaging the part to be nailed, many professionals turn to pneumatic nailers to fix wooden parts. Furthermore, in the modern era of efficiency, many DIYers look for ways of improving their workflow and because air nailers can attach two pieces with ease and without any physical force, their popularity has skyrocketed. With its pneumatic mechanism, the Ronix RA-1850 air nailer is no exception to this versatility and ease of use and is ready to help in your next project. Needing no electricity or any battery, this air nailer only needs a modest air compressor to function.