Are you buying a powerful circular saw to give you perfectly straight cuts, bevel cuts, rip cuts, plunge cuts, and even cross cuts in the wood? Circular or disc saws are used in various industries to cut wood, cement, plastic, metal, etc. meet the Ronix 8902 Circular Saw, one of the best choices you can consider among the diverse world of circular saws. A high-powered circular saw performs all kinds of smooth and perfect cuts to angled cuts for making wooden joints.

The question is, what makes a saw brushless? Brushless motors are motors used in the tools industry in which an electronic board is used instead of a carbon brush in their internal structure. Replacing the plate with a pair of carbon brushes prevents the engine’s wear and tear and thus increases the engine’s lifetime four times longer. A brushless 20V motor is also used to manufacture the 8902 circular saws. This high-performance motor can deliver a no-load speed of 5000RPM and rotate the 165mm cutting plate to a depth of 57mm at a zero-degree angle.