Long-handle mini angle grinders have an extended handle for ease of use and greater control over the work. These angle grinders have a larger body and higher power than other mini angle grinders and show more robust performance in different working conditions.

These power tools can undertake various projects, from cutting to removing excess materials off a surface. If you are cutting and grinding metal or different stones daily, you will find the Ronix 3160 Long Handle Mini Angle Grinder extremely useful.

It features a high-efficient 1400W motor that delivers 0 to 9000 RPM no-load speed to rotate the M14 115mm cutting wheel. Besides its power, the body of this mini angle grinder is ergonomically designed to reduce hand fatigue, especially if you want to work with this tool continuously.

Its long handle and the dimmer switch make any operations possible, like heavy-duty tasks and delicate applications. Different usages are expected from a power tool like 3160, including cutting, grinding, and polishing at repairing garages, construction sites, mining industries, metal fabrication shops, carpentry, etc.