Your welding operations are guaranteed with the Ronix RH-4604 DC Arc Welding Inverter. This inverter includes three boards: a power board, rectifier board, and inverter board, and it can accurately adjust the current and display the actual current output of the machine through a digital display. This machine has a thermo-switch system to protect itself against excessive temperature increases with excellent quality and simple functionality. A low volume, lightweight design, and easy portability are unique characteristics of this inverter.

IGBT technology in the Ronix RH-4604 DC Arc Welding Inverter helps the customers improve welding quality and penetration while decreasing energy consumption and boosting efficiency. Unbeatable automated short circuit current protection and simple ignition, resulting in reduced sparking and good performance at the corrosion surface, make the Ronix Rh-4604 an ideal choice. A 5mm MMA electrode can be used with this power tool. Other features include protection against over-voltage, heat, overcurrent, and overload.

Hot start, anti-stick, reduced spark, and reliability make the RH-4604 a great welding equipment for new welders. For easier and better welding settings, the Ronix DC Arc Welding Inverter 200A has two volumes (Current and Arc Force) and a professional cooling system, which increases welding efficiency and allows for continuous welding. This inverter’s digital display makes it easier to weld precisely.

This tool applies to industrial, professional, and household operations, small and medium workshops, building skeletons, metal workings, construction of tanks, farming industries, gas pipelines, mobile projects, factories, etc.