The demolition of various surfaces such as walls, columns, floors, etc. in the construction and urban development sectors is one of the heavy activities that are assigned to powerful tools. Tools with high input power and impact power, as well as a very strong body that can withstand the pressure of heavy destruction without being damaged. In addition to all these features, the ergonomics of the body is also a very important factor in choosing a demolition hammer. Making lightweight, ergonomic, and easy-to-use products have been our priority since day one. Ronix 2816L demolition hammer is equipped with a 1600W motor. This motor is a powerful one, capable of reaching 1900 beats per minute. In addition, the 46J impact energy allows this machine to easily penetrate concrete and other dense surfaces. Similarly, the Ronix 2816LV demolition hammer is manufactured with all the features and capabilities listed, the only difference between these two devices is their voltage and frequency.