The jigsaw is an electrically powered tool that is part of the general-purpose machines, so it is a must-have for handymen and craftsmen. It can be used not only for straight cuts but also for curved cuts on small to medium thicknesses. It can also be used for miter cuts on models that offer blade tilt. Although it is mainly used for wood, it is also ideal for more fragile materials such as PVC, Plexiglas, or tiles. So how do you choose your jigsaw? What are the options they can offer? What are the best jigsaw brands?
Ronix has produced its Jigsaw with the best quality to solve the need of making any cut in wood and metals. The Ronix 4150 jigsaw is equipped with a 550W motor that allows cutting thick and thin pieces. The speed of the motor is between 1000 and 3000 RPM and with the help of the speed control wheel, you can adjust the speed within this range and in 6 different levels. Other features of this tool include the use of a T-shank blade, anti-dust buttons, and the ability to set the orbital action in four different positions. To learn more about the Ronix 4150 Jigsaw, read the product description section.