Put your goggles and gloves on! one of the game’s most efficient grinding tools is the combination of speed, power, and functionality in the Ronix 3301 Short Neck Die-grinder. A handheld power tool used for grinding, sanding, honing, polishing, or machining material (typically metal, plastic, or wood). It has a robust heart of a 710W power motor, ensuring maximum functionality and efficiency.
Before you turn this beast on, get ready to control the 12000 to 28000 no-load RPM force in your hands. But don’t worry; the ergonomic design of the body allows you to take complete control of the tiny little moves you might need to make while grinding. Keep working, grinding, sanding, polishing, or whatever you do, and let the direct airflow system take care of the heat. This system cools the motor down for more reliable performances. And the last but not least important part is the collet. The short-neck precise 6mm collet enables the operator to make accurate applications faster and easier.