Different sizes, phillips and slot drives, Cr-V steel rods, TPR non-slip grip, magnetic black-oxide tips, oval finger-fit anti-roll handle design, etc.; you name it! Are the features enough for a high-quality must-have screw driver? Our Ronix Normal TPR Handle Screwdrivers  can be used for different purposes at different jobsites. The round Cr-V steel rods come in different length sizes which facilitate the operations by putting on additional power dealing with heavy-duty fasteners. The magnetic hardened tips ensure strength and durability. As it was mentioned, they come in a variety of sizes in length and tips. They are manufactured in length range of 75-200mm and the thickness of tips are developed in different sizes from 3-8mm. Your toolbox is going to be equipped with ergonomic, high-resistant, durable and Ronix-designed Screwdrivers  which can assure you of precision, comfort and durability.