• Industrial grade exterior PVA wood glue suitable for most types of wood
  • Suitable for exterior use in non-structural applications
  • Weather resistant*
  • Cream in colour but dries clear with slight yellow tint
  • Suitable for use on softwoods, plywood, joinery, hardwoods, MDF, particleboard, chipboard*
Selleys Aquadhere Exterior is an industrial-grade PVA. It delivers bonds stronger than most woods, and can be chiselled, routed or turned. Suitable for end grain gluing, it is cream when applied but dries to a light coloured, almost clear film. It’s ideal for furniture making and restoring, gluing cupboard shelves for extra support, and dowelling, joinery, laminating and veneering.

*Not suitable for below waterline applications or continuous submersion. We recommend Selleys Knead It Aqua for these situations.

*Unsuitable for use on coated wallpaper overlaps eg vinyl. Will not take timber stains. Not recommended for joints that are subjected to constant high stress.