The Stihl FS-KM Brushcutter KM Attachment GSB is a versatile and powerful addition to the Stihl KombiSystem, designed for efficient brushcutting tasks. This attachment allows you to transform your KombiMotor into a formidable brushcutter, providing the necessary cutting power to tackle thick vegetation and undergrowth. With its sturdy construction and precision engineering, it ensures durability and dependable performance in demanding landscaping conditions.

  • Converts KombiMotor into a potent brushcutter.
  • Equipped with a robust GSB metal blade for tough cutting tasks.
  • Offers a wide cutting swath for efficiency.
  • Quick and easy attachment to the KombiMotor.
  • Durable construction for longevity.
  • Adjustable head angle for reaching tight spaces.
  • Compatible with multiple Stihl KombiSystem models.”