The compact STIHL RE 125 X is a hand-held Water Blaster, this model is really easy to store because it has no trolley or wheels therefor it will fit easily onto a shelf, in a cupboard or even in a vehicle for transporting. Made from high quality components to ensure it is robust with high performance, the RE 125 X is ideal for demanding cleaning around the home and garden or giving your car a clean.

  • Easy Storage
    The hand-held configuration without a trolley or wheels means that the RE 125 X can be stored on a shelf.
  • Steel Braided High-pressure Hose
    Reinforced with strong steel making it both sturdy and durable.
  • Rotary Nozzle
    The rotary jet nozzle has a powerful pencil jet that can be concentrated on particular areas where dirt has built up.
  • Fan-Jet Nozzle
    The fan jet nozzle is perfect when you need to cover large surface areas quickly. It is possible to vary the pressure.
  • Aluminium High-pressure Pump
    A high-quality aluminium pump designed for excellent water pressure and a long service life.