The KG 770 sweeper provides a great solution to this challenge. With a 50 litre bin and the ability to collect soft drink cans, cleaning up the shed or factory will take no time and less effort. The STIHL MultiClean PLUS sweeping system allows for up to 1500 m² of neatly swept surfaces wet or dry. The variable height can be easily adjusted in a matter of seconds. The brushes on each side allow the sweeping to be done hard against curbs or walls. Weighing in at just 13kg, the sweeper can be easily transported with minimal effort.

  • Robust bristles
    The bristles are made of durable nylon and come with a four-year warranty.
  • Circumferential Sealing Strip
    Holds back dust. When working with your sweeping machine, the circumferential sealing strip reliably holds back swirled-up dust. Combined with air filters, this means very little dust is released into the environment as you sweep.
  • Side guide rollers
    The spacer rollers at the sides guide the machine when sweeping along objects such as walls or Kerbs. They also serve to protect both the sweeper and the wall from damage.
  • Ergonomic push handle
    The sweeper is effortless to push and can easily be adapted to users of different heights. The handle can also be removed for easy transport.