The perfect lawn mower for small gardens – lightweight, maneuverable and quiet, the RMA 235 also has an automatic eco mode and flow-optimized blades to maximize the life of the battery. The cutting height of the mower can be centrally adjusted between 25mm and 65mm, and the handlebar has two different height settings to suit you. You can easily tell when the grass catcher box is full and emptying it is a breeze too, with an innovative clam shell design.

  • Carrying Handle
    A carrying handle has been built into the body of the mower to make it easy for you to transport it.
  • Innovative Grass Catcher Box
    The grass catcher box is made of a sturdy plastic and is designed to open like a clam shall so it’s simple to empty quickly. The airflow produced by the blades directs the clippings into the box so that it fills right to the top, at which point the handy level indicator drops down, so you know exactly when to empty it. The vents in the box face downward so you don’t get covered in dirt and dust when mowing.
  • Flow-optimized Blades
    All STIHL lawn mowers have a flow-optimized blade to neatly cut the lawn, without using unnecessary battery power on moving the air around.
  • Central Cutting Height Adjustment
    It’s easy to adjust the cutting height of the mower in one easy movement with the spring-loaded lever. There are five different heights to choose from between 25 and 65mm.
  • Easy running Wheels
    The hard-wearing wheels on the RMA 235 have traction and tread patterns that are designed to make it easy for you to move the mower around your flower beds, trees and other obstacles in the garden.
  • Polymer Housing
    The housings of the STIHL battery-powered lawn mowers are made of a high-quality polymer material. This extremely lightweight polymer housing combines high resistance and robustness against forces, heat and UV radiation.