The STIHL RMA 339 battery Lawnmower is ideal for medium sized gardens, it is light and easy to manoeuvre around obstacles. The automatic Eco mode and flow-optimized blades maximize the battery life on your RMA 339 meaning you can cut approx. 400m² of lawn on one battery charge when using the recommended AK 30 battery.

  • Handy Carrying Handle
    This Lawnmower has a carrying handle built into the front of the mowing deck which makes it easy to lift and carry.
  • Innovative Grass Catcher
    The catcher is made of hardwearing plastic. There is a level indicator so you know when it is time to empty the clippings and a folding mechanism that makes it particularly easy to open and empty. The current of air produced during mowing, blows the clippings into the grass catcher box and ensures maximum filling. There are vents on all sides of the catcher that face downward, this ensures you won’t get covered in dirt and dust while mowing.
  • Flow – Optimised Blades
    These blades only flow as much air as is required – achieving minimal resistance to save battery power.
  • Easy to Use Height Adjustment
    Achieve your desired lawn height due to the easy to use central cutting height adjustment. Change the height with one easy movement using the spring loaded lever.
  • Light Polymer Housing
    Made from a light but high quality plastic polymer material that is heat and light resistant.
  • ECO Mode
    This feature increases or reduces the speed of the blade depending on the conditions, this allows you to get the most life from a single battery charge.