The robust STIHL WP 600 water pump is powered by a powerful 4- Stroke petrol engine powered. When it is cold, you can simplify starting the engine by operating the choke once.
The self-priming water pump with a stable frame can be safely positioned on different surfaces. The engine is thus protected from damage. You can easily connect hoses to the filling and outlet openings with 3″connections using clamps. The STIHL WP 600 water pump is activated when sucking in water Protected from contamination by a suction strainer. Particle sizes up to a maximum grain size of 6 mm can be sucked in without the pump clogging.

  • Anti Vibrations System
    FOR EXCELLENT VIBRATION DAMPING. Vibration dampers mounted in a straight line on the motor and on the flange of the pump housing reduce mechanical stresses on the entire device and ensure smooth running, even at high motor speeds.
  • Stihl Ehc Engine
    POWERFUL AND RELIABLE. STIHL water pumps are equipped with powerful and reliable STIHL EHC 4-stroke petrol engines.
  • Strong Frame
    FOR GOOD STABILITY. The robust frame ensures good stability of the STIHL water pumps on different surfaces and at the same time protects the engine from damage.