Discover the exceptional cleaning power of the STIHL RE 120 PLUS electric water blaster. Designed for domestic users, it features a robust motor and an aluminum high-pressure pump that generates a maximum pressure of 160 bar to effortlessly tackle even the toughest grime.

  • Rotary Nozzle
    Powerful rotary nozzle for tackling stubborn dirt on hard-wearing surfaces.
  • Integrated wheel kit
    Stihl Re 120 Plus Integrated Wheel Kit
    The integrated wheel kit allows the high-pressure cleaner to be manoeuvred comfortably. The tool’s large wheels can even handle stairs and rough terrain.
  • Fan Jet Nozzle, Adjustable Pressure
    Fan jet nozzle with pressure regulation to clean different types of surfaces quickly and effectively.
  • Hose reel
    Stihl Re 120 Plus Hose Reel
    As a PLUS model, the RE 130 PLUS features a hose reel to store the high-pressure hose in an extremely easy and practical way. The hose guide (wind-up assistance) makes winding the hose up a breeze – it can even be done with one hand.
  • Cable Hook
    The two cable hooks allow the cable to be wound up and stored neatly and securely on the tool. The rotatable orange cable hook enables release of the entire cable in one go – gone are the days of tedious unwinding.
  • Cleaning Agent Spray Set With Measuring System
    The spray set delivered with the tool makes it possible to add cleaning agent to the spray jet in order to tackle stubborn dirt. The spray set is also easy to attach to the spray lance.