Introducing the LED Solar Garden Lamp, a powerful and eco-friendly lighting solution designed to illuminate your outdoor spaces with ease.

Crafted with precision, this solar street light features a high-power LED lamp capable of delivering bright illumination with a color temperature ranging from 6000 to 7500K. The integrated solar panel with a power rating of 16W efficiently captures sunlight during the day, storing energy in a 20Ah lithium battery for reliable nighttime operation.

Equipped with a PIR motion sensor and remote control functionality, the LED Solar Garden Lamp offers enhanced convenience and security by automatically detecting movement and adjusting lighting settings as needed. With the remote control, you can easily customize brightness levels and lighting modes to suit your preferences.

As an added incentive, each purchase of the LED Solar Garden Lamp includes a free mounting bracket, ensuring straightforward installation and positioning.

Elevate your outdoor lighting experience with the LED Solar Garden Lamp, and enjoy efficient, reliable illumination powered by renewable energy.