The most powerful compressor from Ronix’s PROFESSIONAL series! It is all about being versatile! Ronix brought the RC-8010 Air Compressor to the market, which takes care of many tasks. By attaching different pneumatic guns and applicators, RC-8010 can do many jobs, such as painting, fastening, stapling, nailing, sanding, drilling, etc., and fulfill various users’ needs.

Unlike most power tools, RC-8010 is powered by a strong induction motor that converts 220-240V of electric power to 2.5HP. Combining this power with a huge 80L tank makes the Ronix RC-8010 suitable for doing a wide range of jobs. This compressor is bigger than the other models due to the tank’s capacity. Still, the compact and ergonomic design of the body makes it light and infinitely easy to carry and move.