Ronix 8103K brings power and efficiency in one tool. The cordless reciprocating saw manufactured by Ronix offers a no-load speed of 2700 RPM. The highly efficient and lightweight body design with low vibration is suitable for a wide variety of operations. The next factor is the compact, ergonomic design that increases user comfort and grip during extended use. Changing blades is easy, which is what Ronix has brought you with this cordless reciprocating saw. This action is quick and safe, and you don’t need an extraordinary tool to do it. Ronix 8103K is capable of cutting wood and metal and can work in a variety of conditions. A new claw has been installed on the Ronix 8103K cordless reciprocating saw, which is the shaft claw holder to cover the daily functions. The infinitely variable speed allows the operator’s comfort to be adjusted with a simple switch.