It is very important to use safety gloves while working. Over 60% of workplace accidents are related to the non-use of safety equipment. There are many types of safety gloves, each produced and supplied for a specific activity. The hand is one of the most important parts of the body, which can withstand the dangers of electrical shocks, contact with chemicals, tears and cuts, scratches, burns, punctures, contact with biological materials, as well as very high temperatures. Appropriate safety gloves must be used for protection and care. It is necessary to use safety gloves to prevent injuries to fingers. The Ronix RH-9010 Nitrile Safety Glove is one of these types of gloves. A special nitrile coating is used for the palm and finger parts of the gloves which makes your grip easy and at the same time maintains all tactile senses. This glove is abrasion resistance, durable, highly elastic, and allergen-free. In addition, each glove contains a silicone non-slip grip to protect against dropping pans.